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Do you have a great business idea? Fantastic! You’ve taken the first step toward launching your new venture!

However, you are now likely coming to the realization that thinking up the idea is simply the first step in a much larger journey to seeing your idea through to the end.

One of the most challenging aspects of any new venture is coming up with a name that fits just right. Branding can be an overwhelming process, with questions coming from every angle – legal, marketing, financial, personal…. The considerations never seem to end. And yet, at some point, you finally decide on the perfect name, or perhaps a list of potential names, and are ready to roll forward. Unfortunately, you hit the all-too-frequent roadblock of our modern Internet Age – someone else has already set up business on your online real estate by registering your preferred domain name.

We always say, do not settle for less than your first choice. And most certainly, do not let the fear of negotiating sway you from your preferred name. That’s where we come in. Instead of going back to the drawing board, let us help you with this crucial step of the journey. We will reach out to that other party and negotiate to purchase the property on your behalf. Meanwhile, you can continue concentrating on moving forward with the business itself as we handle this item for you.

Domain Names
gTLDs and ccTLDs (ask about local requirements)
U.S., International, Common Law
U.S., International – buying or licensing
Vanity Phone Numbers
800, 888, 866, 877, 855
Social Media IDs
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
1. Do you reveal the Buyer’s identity to the Seller?
We leave all disclosure issues to our clients.
2. Are you an escrow service?
No, we are not licensed to be an escrow service, nor are we an impartial third party. We represent our clients, while looking to preserve the integrity of each transaction for all parties involved. We do prefer to use outside escrow services whenever possible for our deals, which protects both parties throughout the transaction.
3. Are you a broker of domain names?
No, we only act as an agent on behalf of our clients. We do not purchase domains with the intent to resell them.
4. How do you send money to the Seller?
We prefer to use an escrow service to protect both sides throughout the transaction. However, payment method tends to be a case-by-case matter, depending on the negotiated deal.
5. Do you hold onto the domains that you acquire indefinitely?
We prefer to coordinate transferring all domains to our clients as soon as possible. We are not a registrar, so housing the domains ourselves across multiple registrars becomes problematic. Also, we consider the transaction complete only when the acquired domain is secured under our client’s account, so we don’t like to leave requests open-ended.
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